Dead Weight Birthday Wishes!

Does a friend or loved one have a birthday wish coming up?  Well, here at Dead Weight Pictures are offering a free service wishing your friends and relations Birthday Wishes.  All you have to do is send us the following:

1. First and last name (or last initial if you don’t think they would want their last name on

2. Nickname or what they prefer to be called. If their full first name is John and they prefer to go by “John” be sure and tell us, we are dumb and get easily confused.

3. Their birthdate.  (Example: Mar-18.  No need for the year, we don’t care.)

4. We will send you the link and you post it on their Facebook Wall or social media site of your choice.


Just send us that a week before their birthday and we will send that to them and give you credit!

PRO TIP:  If you want you can have one made for yourself and we will say it was from a “Secret Admirer.” We won’t judge you, we take pictures of ourselves pretending to sleep and tell people our imaginary girlfriends took them.

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